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Budget Process Committee
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(Approved by both H&W BOS on 8-23-11) (Approved by HWRSD on 9-8-11)

The revised charge and membership recommendation is offered for consideration by the Hamilton and Wenham Boards of Selectmen and the HWRSD.  The recommendation is as follows:


Town Manager – Hamilton                    Town Administrator - Wenham
School Superintendent – HWRSD                  Assist. School Superintendent
              Finance Director – Hamilton                  Finance Director - Wenham    
Finance & Advisory Committee
        Hamilton -  Chairman or Designee                
        Wenham  -  Chairman or Designee
School Committee
Chairman or Designee            Finance Sub-Comm. – Chair or Designee
Hamilton & Wenham-  Chairman or Designee                
Resident Members
Two (2) citizen representatives are to be appointed by each of the Boards of the Selectmen.  Selection should be based on skill set and desired contribution toward the effort.   


The Budget Process Committee is charged with the coordination of the Budget Development Process for all three entities.  This is to include, but not be limited to, the following:

BUDGET PROCESS COORDINATION AND EVOLUTION  -  Work to better coordinate the budget development processes of the three entities in order to reduce variations that complicate or impede communication and data sharing.  This effort includes, but is not limited to:    a)  Coordination of associated timelines,
        b)  Development of compatible budget information and report formats,
        c) establishment of standardized assumptions and budget projections, and
d)  Facilitation of joint meetings designed to promote a healthy overall budget development process.     

5 YEAR FINANCIAL PLAN  -  Coordinate and facilitate the process for development and maintenance of mutually agreeable 5-year Financial plans that can be used to set target budgets that result in long-term sustainable financial futures for all three entities.  These plans should be updated annually prior to the beginning of the annual budget development process and should include information related to capital management throughout the same time period.

The current BPC has become adept at maintaining the routine budget development process documents and related public meetings.  The efforts of the BPC are to continue in order to maintain this important outreach to the public.  An annual analysis of this PR process should be performed in order to determine what possible modifications might be warranted and how best to implement.  The goal is to maintain a flow of information that is accurate and timely, and is kept fresh and appealing in order to encourage the public to participate in the budget process.

The two aspects of this effort are as follow:

  • Public Meetings  -  The BPC has sponsored various annual public presentation meetings throughout the budget development process.  These have become predictable opportunities for the public to become educated and to provide input.  Consideration should also be given to collaborations with other  existing meeting formats (e.g., LWV Voter Informational Forums, etc.)
  • Informational Outreach – The BPC is to continue to generate annual information material such as: a) the Connections;  b) weekly news articles; c) informational handouts, etc.   

Town of Hamilton, 577 Bay Road, Hamilton, MA 01936   FAX: (978) 468-2682