As of April 1st, the Town of Hamilton has vaccinated against COVID-19 over 1,000 of our residents or about one in every eight.  Almost all of those vaccinated are our most vulnerable elderly.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that at least three out of every four residents has not yet been vaccinated and every one of them is at risk of being infected and made sick by this insidious, contagious, and deadly virus.

Back in February, we had reached a low point of 10 active COVID-19 cases in Town and we were in the “Green” status.  But over the past month, we have seen a disturbing trend of rising case numbers and we reverted to “Yellow” status, heading towards Red.

Please do not think that you can relax and let down your guard.  Be a responsible member of your community by continuing to practice all of the safe behaviors we know help control the spread of this still very dangerous virus and its mutations.  Yes, Spring is here and we can start to again enjoy outdoor sports and activities.  But until everyone is fully vaccinated, please wear a properly fitted mask, keep six feet away from everyone not in your immediate family, wash your hands often, and avoid large gatherings.

If you have symptoms or feel sick, get tested.  And as soon as you are eligible, get vaccinated!