The Conservation Commission Seeking New Member.

The Hamilton Conservation Commission is looking to fill one vacancy on the Commission.   Any Hamilton resident with experience in, or interest in, natural science, natural history, conservation, engineering, site development, or environmental law should consider seeking appointment to the Commission.

Candidates can expect to attend several Commission meetings and possibly also a site walk prior to the Commission making a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen for appointment.  Candidates will also be required to fill out an application for Board membership which can be found at the town website; www.hamiltonma.gov.  Anyone who expresses interest in the vacancy and meets with Commission, whether they are recommended by the Commission or not, will have their names forwarded to the Board of Selectman.

If you are interested in this position or would like to know more about the Commission in general, please call Bert Comins, Conservation Coordinator, at 978-626-5247 or send him an email at [email protected].