Stay the Course! First off, let’s have a round of applause! Hamilton has one of the lowest per-capita rates of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Eastern Massachusetts. The latest numbers have just been published on the Town Website on the COVID-19 Resource Page. So, all of the staying-at-home, social distancing, mask-wearing, and handwashing, over and over again, is paying off! Because of what you’re doing, we’re staying safer than many communities. But, the trick will be to continue staying safe until this is under control. And, challenging as living like this might be, staying safe should be our first priority. But it’s not enough to just get through this. We need to try to enjoy each day and live life as fully as we can given the circumstances. In normal times, when we feel stressed, we have lots of ways to relieve that stress. We go out for dinner, we go for a walk on the beach, we get together (in-person) with friends. But none of those are options right now. So we need to create new activities. We need to take a virtual tour of the many museums that offer that option via the internet (with a friend if that’s possible). We need to try a jigsaw puzzle again. We need to meet friends for a virtual happy hour on Friday night, via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or whatever. We need to watch old movies and TV shows – especially ones that make us laugh. And, we need to avoid watching the news all day long.

We need to reach out to friends and family frequently, with a quick text, a long email, or even an old-fashioned phone call. When we’re out for a walk, we need to smile, wave, or call out hello when we see someone passing by, at least six feet away, of course. Together we can make this stressful, boring, complicated time more enjoyable. Until the pandemic is over. Because it isn’t going to last forever. Stay the course, Hamilton!