As of June 8, 2020, the discharge flow rate of the Ipswich River near the Willowdale Dam dropped below the flow rates deemed necessary by MassDEP to sustain a healthy watershed.

For that reason and under Chapter XXV, Section 5 of the Town of Hamilton By-Laws, the Hamilton Board of Selectmen has determined that there exists or impends a shortage of water. The Board said that conservation measures are appropriate to ensure that an adequate supply of water is available to all users, including firefighting operations. The determination will also mean that water withdrawal volumes will remain within permitted and registration limits. The Board also makes sure that any conditions outlined in the Town’s water withdrawal Permit are satisfied.

As a result, the Board declared a State of Water Supply Conservation. The following restrictions, conditions, or requirements are imposed on all users of the town water system and to users of private water sources that draw from the same water sources. The restrictions will remain in effect until termination of the State of Water Supply Conservation by a vote of the Board:

  1. Outdoor Sprinkler Use: The use of lawn and garden sprinklers of all types, including the use of drip irrigation hoses or other devices that use subsurface application, is prohibited. Hand watering is permitted. This ban includes water from private wells.
  2. Any person violating this By-law shall be subject to a penalty, which shall inure to the Town, in the amount of $50.00 for the first violation and $100.00 for each subsequent violation. Fines shall be recovered by indictment, or on complaint before the District Court, or by non-criminal disposition in accordance with G.L. Ch. 40, Sec. 21D. Each day of violation shall constitute a separate offense.

Town leaders would like to thank all Hamilton residents for their understanding and cooperation.