If you are a Licensed Electrician hired by a Town of Hamilton property owner and there is an emergency electrical situation during adverse weather, Town Hall is closed, and you need an immediate response from the Electrical Inspector,please email him directly. Denis Curran: dcurran@hamiltonma.gov

Homeowners looking for more information about power outages: Receive Text Messages from National Grid about power outages

If you are a property owner and your power goes out, call National Grid directly to report it at 1-800-465-1212.

If you would like more information about any day shelters that have been set up after power outages, you can call the non-emergency public safety number at 978-468-1212.

To keep up to speed about town announcements, sign up for Code Red Alerts. Go to www.hamiltonma.gov and click the link to sign up for mobile alerts. If you require assistance to sign up for the alerts, call 978-468-1212 and a ECO staff person can walk you through the process, according to Hamilton Police Chief Russell Stevens. For more information about Code Red Alerts: Code Red alerts.