Mission, Vision and Core Beliefs

Mission: is a statement of purpose and defines the fundamental charge of the system. It is more general in nature and may, in fact, apply to other similar institutions. For example, all public schools have the same fundamental responsibilities. Therefore, they may share similar missions.

The Mission of the HWRSD is to educate our children to become young adults who are of good character and demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and skills needed to be successful members of our global economy and engaged citizens of the 21st Century.

Vision statement: describes the desired state of the system in the next five years. It is more specific in nature. It is an expression of possibility, yet based enough in reality to be achievable. Its purpose is to inspire those involved and interested individuals to help it become a reality. It provides the basis from which the school system determines the priorities and establishes targets for performance in the next five years; that is, yearly district and School Improvement Plan (SIP) goals result directly from the vision.

Through the development of an integrated, data-responsive system of curriculum, instruction, assessment and professional development, the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District will be a world-class learning organization that graduates students who are well-prepared to meet the post-secondary challenges of the 21st Century economy and are engaged members of our global society.

Our Schools

Hamilton Wenham Regional High School

775 Bay Road
S. Hamilton, MA 01982

Miles River Middle School

787 Bay Road
S. Hamilton, MA 01982

Buker Elementary School

1 School Street
Wenham, MA 01982

Cutler Elementary School

237 Asbury Street
S. Hamilton, MA 01982

Winthrop Elementary School

325 Bay Road
S. Hamilton, MA 01982

Hamilton-Wenham Integrated Preschool

325 Bay Road Hamilton, MA 01982