Special Town Meeting F.A.Q. Sheet
When is Special Town Meeting?

Special Town Meeting is on Saturday November 14, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. and will be held under a tent on the Hamilton Wenham Regional High School football field (775 Bay Rd, South Hamilton, MA 01982)

Will there be COVID-19 precautions in place?

Yes! The meeting will be held outside, under a tent with all chairs set up at least 6 feet apart. All attendees will be asked to wear a mask. If an attendee is unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, we will ask that they sit in a secondary overflow tent that will be set up next to the main tent.

Can STM be held virtually?

Unfortunately, Special Town Meeting cannot be held virtually. Although you may have heard of towns such as Arlington and Lexington holding their town meetings virtually, they are only able to do so because they have a representative town meeting, with a pool of elected representatives designated to vote on behalf of the town. Hamilton’s bylaws require that a quorum of at least 75 registered Hamilton voters be present, all of whom must be verified and checked in by the Town Clerk.

Why can’t STM be held indoors?

The Town considered hosting STM inside the school’s gymnasium; however, after putting a survey out to residents, it was clear that most respondents did not feel comfortable attending an indoor meeting.

What if it is cold or poor weather?

The Town has rented heaters and does have the option to put the sides of the tent down if needed, although our goal is to keep the tent open to maintain maximum air flow.

What will we be voting on at STM?

This year’s Special Town Meeting will include a number of critical topics that need voters’ attention, including:

  • Improvements to the Town’s water treatment plant
  • Financing for a Town Hall Renovation and Preservation project
  • Mid-year adjustments to departmental budgets

How long will STM last?

With the pandemic and November weather in mind, we have made every effort to keep STM as concise as possible. We have limited the number of warrant articles and will be using an electronic voting system to cut down on time spent tallying votes.