The Town of Hamilton Finance and Advisory Committee invite Hamilton residents to submit an application to fill a vacancy on the Hamilton Finance and Advisory Committee.

The Finance and Advisory Committee is an essential part of the legislative branch of Town government.  Formed under the statutory requirements of Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 39, Section 16, the committee is charged with making reports and recommendations to the Town on all warrant articles presented to Town Meeting for consideration. The Committees’ interests and activities are diverse and surpass the fiscal/budgetary context such as the Patton Homestead, affordable housing, relationship with the school district and neighboring communities, by-laws, waste management, commercial development, and other issues relating to our community.

Please do not be put off-by the ‘finance” label, while some current members have some financial background, our collective experience, education, employment, and interests are varied. Accounting expertise does not exist among current members and would not be required of new members.

Qualifications must include good judgment, logic, curiosity, a commitment to accountability, and the long-term financial stability of the town. The ideal committee member would not have a particular preconceived agenda and should be motivated solely by the desire to serve the community interests and welfare. Persons who are willing to volunteer their time to the betterment of the entire community are encouraged to get involved.

Please contact me ( to commence the uncomplicated application process.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Wanger, Chairman

Hamilton Finance and Advisory Committee