Plumbing Inspections

The Plumbing Inspector will schedule inspections to be done on weekday evenings. You will contact him directly to schedule an inspection. The Plumbing Inspector’s phone number is: 978-423-2061. The Plumbing Inspector is Kevin Dash.

All the Inspectors were hired by the Town on a less than part-time basis and do not hold office hours. The Inspectors are always accessible to discuss projects or answer questions. Please contact the office and arrangements will be made for you to speak with an Inspector.

IMPORTANT: You may not begin work until the Building Inspector has approved your building permit application.

Building, Plumbing & Electrical Applications

All forms/applications may be found on this web site or by visiting Town Hall during the regular hours of business
Mission Statement
The primary objective of the Building Department is to promote the public safety and the welfare of our residents by ensuring all construction conforms to State, Federal and Town regulations. The Building Department is available to answer questions, address concerns, and is a source of general building and zoning information. The Building Department manages the permits for Building, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Gas, and Weights and Measures.