Interim Town Clerk's Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 11:30 am-Closing

ALERT:   Due to the restrictions per the CDC, the Governor of Massachusetts, and Health Officials with respect to the global pandemic of Coronavirus, all Town Hall Offices are closed to the public at this time but the staff are here working and happy to assist you.  Please note that Town Meeting and the subsequent Election which will be deferred at this time.

Please know that much of what our office provides can be done online or obtained online; for example:

Dog Licensing (the March 31st deadline is waived; no fees to be assessed at this time) can be done online at:  

Voter Registration can be done online at the Secretary of State’s secure website:
or by calling the Clerk’s Office at 978-626-5222 and requesting an application, by mail, or via email @ and

Records requests for the Clerk’s Office records can be done via email: and

Marriage licenses, birth certificates, and death certificates can be ordered and paid online at:

Or, you may request vitals certificates by mail; send the request, a check for $10.00 made to the Town of Hamilton, and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the Town Clerk’s office. Be sure to include the name and date of the vital record.  If your request is of a more time-sensitive nature, email and and we will prepare it and arrange for you to pick up.

Nomination Papers for the September and November 2020 ballots needing certification can be mailed to the Clerk’s Office or placed in the Town Hall Lock Box which is located at Town Hall on the left front side of the building.  Once certified, they can be mailed or we can arrange to have you pick them up outside of the building.

Spring Town Meeting and the subsequent election will be postponed due to the pandemic.  The Board of Selectmen and Town Manager are working with Town Counsel for additional guidance; we will update the public once the date of the meeting and election are known. Per the Town Manager’s press release, the warrant will not reopen to add new articles, rather, the staff and boards/committees will continue to work on the language and recommendations on the articles that are contained within the warrant currently.

For additional town-related information, please see the respective departments’ web pages for helpful information and instructions as well as their direct contact numbers.


Democratic Winner: Joe Biden with 731 votes.  Bernie Sanders; 377.  Elizabeth Warren; 403.  Michael Bloomberg:  214.
Republican Winner: Donald J. Trump with 324 votes.  William Weld; 67.   Joe Walsh; 4.  Roque Delafuente; 1.


The Town Clerk serves as a recording officer and custodian of vital statistics and valuable municipal records. Among other duties, the Town Clerk records and certifies all votes passed at Town Meeting, administers and records oaths of office to town officials, and records various instruments as required by law.

Other responsibilities of the Town Clerk’s Office:

  • Maintains voter lists and pertinent information; supervises all voter registration
  • Manages voting procedures for local and state elections
  • Prepares the ballots for Town elections
  • Maintenance of campaign finance records
  • Arranges for absentee ballots
  • Instructs and supervises the election officers
  • Records the election results
  • Retains custody of the ballots and voting lists in the event of a recount
  • Transmits election results from each precinct as well as the complete list of town officers to the Secretary of State within 24 hours of each election
  • Serves as a member of the Board of Registrars registering all voters, records the party enrollment of each voter in the annual register, and receives and certifies the signatures of the voters on all petitions
  • Issues Business Certificates (also known as “dba” certificates) and processes Certificate Withdrawals
  • Issues dog licenses; maintains records and database of all dogs in Town
  • Maintains census files
  • Maintains all vital records (birth, death, and marriage certificates)
  • Posts/records all public meeting notices for the Town
  • Administers Oath of Office to all members of boards, commissions, and committees and advisement of members of obligations under Open Meeting Law and Conflict of Interest Law*
  • Provides notary services
  • Compiles and distributes the official City Street Listing Book
  • Accepts and records Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board, and other Special Permits and/or Decisions; certifies and provides Final Decisions to Applicants for Recording at Registry of Deeds

The Town Clerk also serves as the Parking Clerk, accepting payments for parking citations within the Town of Hamilton.

The following licenses, permits, and services are available at the Office of the Town Clerk:

  • Business (d/b/a/) Certificates
  • By-laws (Town, Zoning with Zoning/ Groundwater Maps)
  • Certified Copies of Vitals (Birth, death, marriage certificates)
  • Marriage Licenses/Marriage Intentions
  • Dog Licenses
  • Raffle & Bazaar Permits
  • Resident List/ Street List/ Voter List
  • Voter Registration Services
  • Public Meeting Notices (MUST be filed and time stamped 48 hours prior to meeting)

Business Certificates

Business Certificates (“dba”) must be filed by unincorporated business located in Hamilton that are conducting business under a name other than one’s own. The fee for a Business Certificate is $25 and is valid for four years upon which time is renewable.  Renewals and withdrawals must be done in writing and must be notarized.


The following by-laws are sold by the Town Clerk’s office: Zoning By-Laws with maps – $20.; Subdivision Rules and Regulation – $5.; Town By-Laws – $5. These publications can also be downloaded from the town website.

Certified Copies

Certified copies of Birth, Death, and Marriage records are available for $10.  Marriage records are available if you originally filled out your marriage intention paperwork in the town.

Dog Licenses

Per Massachusetts state law, all dogs six months of age and older must be licensed in the town in which they reside. Evidence of a current rabies vaccination must be provided to the Clerk’s Office prior to issuance of license. Intact males and females $20.; Neutered males and spayed females $15.; owners over 70 years of age are granted the first dog license at no charge. The annual license is good from April 1-March 31.   Beginning in June, late fees are assessed.

Street Lists

Street listings are available for $15.00.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Street lists are available for $15.00.

Certified copies of Birth, Death and Marriage records are available for $10.

All dogs six months of age and older must be licensed per Massachusetts state law. Evidence of a current rabies vaccination must be provided. Males and Females $20.; Neutered Males and Spayed Females $15.; owners over 70 years of age receive their first dog license no charge.  Licenses are for the period April 1st. through March 31st annually.  Dogs not registered/licensed by June have late fees assessed.

The Hamilton Town Clerk’s Office issues certified copies of the records of birth of any person whose birth occurred within the Town of Hamilton and for any resident whose parents resided in the Town of Hamilton at the time of birth. If you are not certain if the birth certificate is filed here, call the office for confirmation at 978-468-5570 X3 before ordering, as refunds could take up to 4 weeks.

The Hamilton Town Clerk’s Office issues certified copies of the records of death of any person whose death occurred within the Town of Hamilton and for any Hamilton resident who passed away in any other Massachusetts community. If you are not certain whether a death certificate was filed here, call the office for confirmation at 978-468-5570 X3 before ordering, as refunds could take up to 4 weeks to process.


Name Contact
Sharon George Interim Town Clerk 978-468-5570
Marianne Peters Administrative Assistant 978-468-5570 X3