The mission of the Town Clerk’s Office is to coordinate and administer elections; register, record and preserve vital records; provide records management, licensing, and permitting services and processes; and review and certify various official documents to ensure that the town is compliant with various laws and requirements.  The Clerk’s Office is accountable to nine (9) state agency departments:  Secretary of State Elections Division, Secretary of State Records Management Division, Attorney General Municipal Bureau, Attorney General Open Meeting Law, State Ethics Commission, Office of Campaign and Political Finance, Department of Public Health Vital Records, Department of Revenue Division of Local Services, the Jury Commission.  Among other duties, the Town Clerk records and certifies all votes passed at Town Meeting, administers and records Oaths of Office to elected and appointed town officials, and records various instruments as required by state law.

Responsibilities of the Town Clerk’s Office:


  • Maintains voter lists and pertinent information; supervises all voter registration
  • Manages voting procedures for local and state elections including vote by mail, early voting and Election Day
  • Prepares the ballots for Town elections
  • Maintenance of campaign finance records
  • Arranges for absentee ballots
  • Instructs and supervises the election officers
  • Records all election results
  • Retains custody of the ballots and voting lists in the event of a recount
  • Transmits election results from each precinct as well as the complete list of town officers to the Secretary of State within 24 hours of each election
  • Serves as a member of the Board of Registrars registering all voters, records the party enrollment of each voter in the annual register, and receives and certifies the signatures of the voters on all petitions
  • Maintains Annual Census files
  • Compiles and distributes the official City Street Listing Book


  • Maintains all vital records (birth, death, and marriage certificates)


  • Accepts and records Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board, and other Special Permits and/or Decisions; certifies and provides Final Decisions to Applicants for Recording at Registry of Deeds
  • Issues Business Certificates (also known as “dba” certificates) and processes Certificate Withdrawals
  • Issues dog licenses; maintains records and database of all dogs in Town
  • Posts/records all public meeting notices for the Town
  • Administers Oath of Office to all members of boards, commissions, and committees and advisement of members of obligations under Open Meeting Law and Conflict of Interest Law

The Town Clerk also serves as the Parking Clerk, accepting payments for parking citations within the Town of Hamilton and provides notary services for certain documents.

The following licenses, permits, and services are available at the Office of the Town Clerk:

  • Business (d/b/a/) Certificates
  • By-laws (Town, Zoning with Zoning/ Groundwater Maps)
  • Certified Copies of Vitals (Birth, Death, Marriage certificates)
  • Marriage Licenses/Marriage Intentions
  • Dog Licenses
  • Raffle & Bazaar Permits
  • Resident List/ Street List/ Voter List
  • Voter Registration Services
  • Public Meeting Notices (MUST be filed and time stamped 48 hours prior to meeting)