The Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) is responsible for administering Massachusetts General Law Chapter 55, the campaign finance law.  OCPF’s primary mission is to ensure that accurate and complete disclosure of campaign finance activity by those involved in the electoral process is available in a transparent, easily accessible and timely manner and that stakeholders in the process fully understand and comply with the statute.

The Town Clerk administers the campaign finance law for candidates and committees that file on the municipal level.  The Clerk is required to provide campaign finance reporting forms and deadlines to the candidates.  Reporting deadlines are as follows:

  1. Eight (8) days prior to an election
  2. 30 Days after an election
  3. January 20 year-end report

All campaign finance reports filed with the Town Clerk must be posted to the municipal website within 30 days after the filing deadline if the report discloses that a candidate or committee has received contributions or made expenditures in excess of $1,000 during a reporting period or incurred liabilities or acquired or disposed of assets in excess of $1,000 during a reporting period.

2022 Reports (in excess of $1,000) – 8 days prior to an election

Caroline Beaulieu

Darcyll C. Dale

Brian J. Scudder