STREET LIST/CENSUS/Proof of Residency – M.G.L. Chapter 51, Sec. 4

Welcome to the Annual Street Listing/Census

The Town of Hamilton is required to annually send census forms to all households to ensure proof or residence, protection of voting rights, and other benefits.  Mailed at the beginning of the year, residents are required to respond within 10 days with any changes, additions, and/or deletions.  Failure to return the census form will change resident voter status to INACTIVE in June. At that time a postcard will be mailed to each inactive voter in an attempt to confirm residency.  Failure to return the card may result in removal from the voter list.  In addition to the census recording the town’s current residents and voters at every address, the information helps determine local, regional, and federal funding for the Town.

The 2024 forms are being mailed the week of January 15, 2024.  If you did not receive a preprinted form, please print and complete the attached blank and return it to the Clerk’s Office.

Why Should I Fill Out My Census Form?

Important Census Information with Respect to Voting:  In June, voters who fail to respond will be categorized with ‘inactive’ voter status.  This does not mean that you cannot vote, it means that the Clerk does not have proof that you still reside in Hamilton.  If you don’t live in Hamilton, you are not eligible to vote in Hamilton.  At the polls on election day, you will be asked to show identification to prove that you still live in Hamilton. The Census forms cannot and do not allow you to register to vote. Only the person signing the form may change a political partyIf others in the household want to change parties, they MUST also sign the form.   To change anything with respect to your voting, you may do so via mail by requesting a Voter Registration Card (call 978-468-5570, ext 3), in person at the Clerk’s Office at 650 Asbury St/Interim Town Hall, or online via the Secretary of State’s website by clicking here.

Important Information About Number of Household Members:

The Hamilton Police, Fire, and other emergency personnel use the Town’s Street Listing when responding to public safety and other calls.  The street listing informs them of the number of residents and the age of residents at the address.

Is the form the same as the US Census form?

No.  The Federal Census is done on a dicennial (every 10 years) schedule.  Click here for a summary of the 2020 census data for Hamilton.