Below we have provided an alphabetical list to help you find where to go and access many of the popular uses for this site and links to other helpful web sites. Please contact us if you are having trouble finding what you are looking for or if you have any questions.


Abutters, List of- Request Form

Affordable Housing Trust

Agenda/Meeting Notice Form for Town Clerk – Fillable – 2021 

Animal Control/Dog Officer 

Animal Inspector

Animals & Stables, Keeping of

Annual Town Reports

Assessor Maps

Assessor’s Department

Assessors Database

Application for Auction License

Animals, Minimum Standard for Keeping of – Town of Hamilton Bylaw, Chapter VIII

Annual Town Reports

Application for Appointment to a Town of Hamilton Board/Commission


Banner & Sign Policy if proposed Banner or Sign to be located on Town Property

Barn or Stable: Application For License To Erect, Occupy, Or Use

Beavers Information

Bedrooms, Can I add one to the property I own?

Bill Payment, On-line

Blasting Application 

Board and Committee Openings

Board of Health

Budgets, Town of Hamilton 

Building Department

Building Department Applications

Building Permit Applications/Forms

Burning Season Information (PDF)

Burn Permit Application

Body Art Regulation

Board of Selectmen Handbook

Business Emergency Contact List

Babysitter’s Guide

Body Art Regulation

Bylaws, Town of Hamilton

Bylaws, Zoning – Town of Hamilton 

Building Committee, Hamilton Town Hall


Cable TV Station Information

Camps, Recreational Application & Information 

Capital Improvement Plan

Capital Committee

Cemetery Information

Certified Plot Plan – What is one?

Chapter Land Forms & Information 

Change of Address Form

Chebacco Woods and Walking Trails

Chickens & Poultry, Keeping of

Chickens & Poultry – Coops

Chicken/Poultry: Free Poultry Testing for Avian Influenza

Child Safety Seats Information 

Conservation Commission

CodeRed Alerts 

Committee and Board Openings

CPR Information 

Community Preservation Committee Eligibility Application

Community Preservation Committee Funding Application 

Complaint/Concern Form regarding a Zoning Issue to be submitted to the Building Inspector

Comprehensive Permit Applications – ZBA Directions

Comprehensive Permit Applications/Forms – ZBA

Council on Aging Monthly Congregate Lunch Menu

Council on Aging Monthly Newsletter

Council on Aging Nutrition Program

Council on Aging Outreach/SHINE

COVID-19 All information including testing, vacines, prepardedness) & Information on other Infectious Diseases

Citizen’s Fire Academy

Cultural Council, Hamilton-Wenham

Cultural Council, Massachusetts

CTPC – training for citizens involved in municipal planning and land use


Deeds, Registry of

Demo Applications – to be attached to a Building Permit Application 

Demo or Alteration of more than 49% of property built prior to 1940 – Please read

Department of Environmental Protection – Massachusetts

Disposal of Prescription Drugs & Syringes Information

Dog License Application

Downtown/Village Plan

Drinking Water & Wells Information

Discolored Water, Reporting of

911 Disability Form

Dumpster/Rubbish Container Form – Fire Department



Electrical Permit Applications

Electrical Codes

Electrical Permit Applications/Forms

Essex County Landscape Inventory

Emergency Communication Center

Emergency Preparedness Resources Information

Emergency 911 Contact Card

Excise Tax Abatement, Information

Exemptions (Seniors, Veterans)

Extension or Alteration of a Non-Conforming Use Applications – ZBA Directions

Extension or Alteration of a Non-Conforming Use Applications/Forms – ZBA


Farmer’s Market Application

Fences, Do I need a permit to put one on my property & what are the Regulations?

Field & Facility Permit Information 

Finance Department

Finance and Advisory Committee

Fire Department

Fire Safety Information 

Fire & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Inspections

Firearms Laws, Forms & Applications

Fire Code for Tents

Flu Information & Clinics

Floor Drain Regulation

Food/Ice Cream Truck Information 


Gas Fitting Applications/Forms

GIS Maps – Hamilton

GIS Maps – U.S. Geological Survey 

GIS Maps – Massachusetts

Gas Fitting Permits

Generators, Do I also need a Building Permit?

Generator Installation Applications

Green Community Designation Information 


Hamilton Development Corporation

Hamilton Foundation

Hamilton Housing Production Plan – Prepared by JM Goldson LLC, 2019 – Approved by DHCD 2020

Hamilton Recreation Plan

Handicap Exemption, Information 

Heart Attack, Choking & CPR Information

Historical District Map

Home Owner Emergency Contact List

Household Hazardous Waste Program

Housing & Sanitary Code Information

Housing Authority

Human Resources

Human Rights Commission 

Hunting & Fishing Licenses


Indoor Skating Rink Guidelines and Misc. Forms

Infectious Disease Resources

Interactive Town Mapping System/GIS 


Landfill Information 

Land Acquisition Policy

Legally Blind Tax Exemption Information

Library: Hamilton – Wenham Public Library

Licensing Board

Liquor License Applications

Long Meadow Study Group


Massachusetts State Website

Massachusetts State Parks

Massachusetts Municipal Association

Massachusetts General Laws

Master Plan & Planning Maps

Mechanical Application/Form

Massachusetts General Laws Accepted by the Town of Hamilton

Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Information

Motor Vehicle Excise Tax FAQs – DOR

Metropolitan Area Planning Council

Mercury Thermostat Disposal Regulation

Mosquitoes and Ticks Information 

Museum Passes


National Grid Demolition Form

Neighbors helping Neighbors – the Hamilton Foundation 



Oil Burner Permit Application 

Online Bill Payments

Open Space Recreation Plan

Organic Waste Program


Parking Clerk-Town Clerk’s Office

Patton Homestead

Patton Homestead Rental: house, stables,grounds 

Patton Park Use Form & Regulations

Planning Board

Planning Board Applications

Planning Board Agendas and Minutes

Plastic Bags/Styrofoam Bylaw

Police Department

Policy on Boards and Committees

Pool Fencing Information 

Plumbing Permit Applications

Plumbing Codes

Plumbing Applications/Forms

Pool Code

Public Works, Department of

Public Hearing Newspaper Form Request for Legal Notice – Salem News


Raffle Permit

Recreation Department

Recreational Camps Information

Recreational Programs 

Recycling Committee (Now the Waste Reduction Committee)

Recycling Information

Restaurant Inspections & Permitting

Registry of Motor Vehicles Crash Report

Rubbish & Recycling


Selectmen, Board of – Agendas

Selectmen, Board of –  Minutes

Scenic Road Information 

Senior Exemptions

Senior Citizen Property Tax Work-Off Abatement Application & Information

Senior Van Transportation

Senior Services, Programs, Activities & Tips

Septic & Title V

Septic, Recent Certificates of Compliance

Septic, Reviewed & Approved Title 5 Inspection Reports

Sex Offender State Registry Board


Sheds & Accessory Structures: When do you need a permit?

Sheet Metal Application/Form

Site Plan Review Application  – Planning Board

Skating Rinks, Indoor Code & Application

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Information 

Snow & Ice Information

Solicitor Application 

Special Permit Applications – ZBA Directions

Special Permit Applications/Forms – ZBA

Stable or Barn: Application For License To Erect, Occupy, Or Use

Street Number Assignment, Real Estate & Personal Property – Request for Change of Address Form – Assessor

Subdivision Regulations

Summer Park Program

Subscribe to the Town of Hamilton News/Updates

Swimming Pools; Operate Public/Semi-Public

Swimming Pool Fencing Requirements

Swimming Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs Building Regulations

Syringes and Prescription Drugs; Disposal of, Information 


Tax Bills

Tax Payment Due Dates

Tents and Other Membrane Structures Fire Code

Textile Recycling Information

Thermostats; Mercury Thermostat Disposal Regulation

Tobacco Information

Town Clerk

Town Events

Town Hall Building Committee

Town Manager

Town of Hamilton News

Trash Pickup Schedule

Trash Information

Trash, Organics, Recycling and Yard Waste Disposal Information 

Trash, Organics and Recycling Calendar [2019]

Treasurer / Tax Collector

Trench & Street Opening Permit

Tuberculosis Information


Variance Applications – ZBA Directions

Variance Applications/Forms – ZBA


Veteran Exemption Application 

Veteran Eligibility Requirements

Veterans Memorial Pool Information

Victim’s Witness Assistance




Waste Reduction Committee

Water Bill Payment

Water Department Info

Weights and Measures

Wetlands Information

Wetlands – GIS Maps

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Affidavit Form


Yard Waste Information


Zoning Bylaw – First adopted in 1954 pursuant to the Massachusetts Zoning Act M.G.L. CHAPTER 40A as amended

Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning Board of Appeals Applications

Zoning District Map