Mission Statement

The mission of the Hamilton Fire Department is to prevent and minimize the loss of life and property of citizens and fire service personnel; to mitigate the consequences of natural and man-made disasters; to provide non-emergency support services, and to safeguard the environment and economic base of our community.

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Name Term
Raymond Brunet C-1 Chief
Andrew Ellison C-2 EMT/Captain
Robert Wallace C-3 EMT/Lieutenant/Training Officer/Fire Prevention Officer
David Dolan C-4 Lieutenant
Ryan Goodwin C-5 Paramedic/Lieutenant/Driver Training Instructor
Dave Raymond C-6 EMT/Lieutenantm/Medical Officer
Kristine Ellis F-3 FF/EMT/Driver Operator
Jared Dolan F-4 FF/EMT/Driver Operator
Benjamin Tuneburg F-5 FF/Driver/Operator
Alexander Dale F-6 FF/EMT/Driver Operator
Justin Mullen F-7 FF/EMT/Driver Operator
Tim Everett F-10 Firefighter
Chris Raymond F-11 FF/EMT/Driver Operator
Daniel Grew F-12 FF/EMT/Driver Operator
Ross Appleton F-13 FF/Driver Operator
Scott Seiler F14 Firefighter
Daniel McCormack F-15 FF/EMT/Driver Operator
Kim Maguire F16 FF/EMT/Driver Operator
Rick Villa F-17
Colt Donahue F-18 FF/EMT
Dane Jorgenson F-19 Firefighter
Andrew Smith F-20 FF/Paramedic/Driver Operator
Laura Dixon F-22 FF/EMT-A/Driver Operator
Jesse Cook F-23 FF/EMT
Wesley Buckley F-25 FF/EMT
Cameron Borrelli F-26 FF
Dustin O'Neill FF/Paramedic
Andrew Mezza F-28 FF/EMT
Robert Cross F-29 FF/EMT
Mathew Enos F-30 FF/EMT
Kevin Bied Chaplain
Glen Preston Training Intructor
Skip Mullin Training Intructor
Jerome Frontiero Mechanic