The Planning Board offices have been moved. For general questions, or to drop off an application, or review one on file, you may contact the Administrative Assistant at 978-626-5250, or at [email protected]  The office is located at 299 Rear Bay Road (the red building attached to the Council of Aging Building).
If you would like to speak with the Director of Planning & Inspectional Services, Patrick Reffett, please contact him at [email protected]. Patrick’s office is now located at the Patton Homestead, 650 Asbury Street.


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Name Term
Marnie Crouch Chair
Emil Dahlquist Clerk
Beth Herr Board Member
Darcy Dale Board Member
Patrick Norton Board Member
Jonathan Poore Board Member
William Wheaton Board Member
Matthew Hamel Associate Board Member


Name Contact
Patrick Reffett Director of Planning & Inspectional Services 978-626-5248
Mary-Ellen L. Feener Administrative Assistant 978-626-5250