Town Hall is closed to the public until the State of Emergency is lifted. We can be reached at 978-468-5572 or by email.
Bylaws, Zoning – Adopted 1954 & including Approved Amendments up to 10-22-19⇒
Hamilton Planning Board Meeting Schedule 2020⇒


There are two tabs at the bottom of this web page where you will find helpful links, interesting flow charts, documents & handbooks regarding zoning.  There is also more information under the Browse column on the left side of this web page.


Name Term
Brian Stein Chairman 2021
Rick Mitchell Clerk 2021
Richard Boroff Board Member 2020
Peter Clark Board Member 2020
William Wheaton Board Member 2022
Daniel Hamm, P.E. Board Member 2022
Laura Walsh Board Member 2020
Chris Sheperd Associate Board Member 2022