Quarterly Tax Bills

Real Estate and personal property bills are issued on a quarterly basis as follows:

Important Information Regarding Mailing of RE/PP Bills – FY 2024

In response to our Hamilton taxpayers, the Town has decided to mail Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Bills each quarter, instead of mailing two quarters with one bill. Bills will be mailed 30 Days prior to the due date.

Due dates for FY 2024 will be as follows:

1st Quarter 8/1/23
2nd Quarter 11/1/23
3rd Quarter 2/1/24
4th Quarter 5/1/24

Any questions relating to tax payments, please call the Collector’s office @ 978-468-5575. For all other questions regarding your tax bill, please call the Assessor’s office @ 978-468-5574.

Late Payments
If your payments are not received by their due dates, interest at the rate of 14% per annum will be charged on the unpaid and overdue amount. POSTMARKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

Demand Bill – Fee and Interest
In accordance with Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 60, Sections 2A & 3A, payment is considered timely if received on or before the due date printed on the bill. Interest will start accruing the day after the due date.

Tax Taking & Foreclosure
All assessed owners as of January 1st with unpaid real estate taxes will receive a letter requesting payment by a specific date. Any unpaid bills will be advertised in the Hamilton Wenham Chronicle for Tax Taking. An Instrument of Taking will be recorded at the Salem Registry of Deeds which places a lien on your property. If the outstanding taxes are not paid within six months, the Town has the legal right to begin foreclosure proceedings in Land Court.