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Mission Statement

The mission of the Town of Hamilton Council on Aging is to create a friendly and safe community for seniors by providing social services, transportation, education, health, recreation and leisure-time activities and resources that support their well-being and independence, and to assist seniors by advocating for supportive services which increase their ability to remain independent.


Additional Contact Numbers

Senior Center 978-468-5595
Lunch Number 978-468-2616
Trip Coordinator Number 978-468-4404
CATA Transportation Number 978-281-6955
Action Inc. Number 978-283-2131
SeniorCare Number 978-281-1750


Frequently Asked Questions

The Hamilton Council on Aging. We offer many services to seniors and their caregivers. Contact the Council on Aging: (978) 468-5595.

Many services are available without costs to seniors who qualify for government-sponsored programs. For seniors who do not qualify for financial assistance, programs are often available at low cost. To learn more about eligibility for financial assistance, service costs and more, contact the Council on Aging: (978) 468-5595.

Contact the Council on Aging. We can help senior determine if they are eligible for government programs that provide homemaker and personal care services. These specialists will also offer information and referrals to home care agencies, volunteer organizations and emergency resources to meet these important needs. Contact the Hamilton Council on Aging: (978) 468-5595.

A recommend first step is to seek professional assistance in determining if, in fact, a senior must be moved from the comfort of his or her own home. If an assisted living facility is needed or desired, a listing of facilities will be provided along with referrals to other organizations offering information on these facilities. Contact the Hamilton Council on Aging: (978) 468-5595.

Contact the Hamilton Council on Aging to make an appointment with our Elder Law attorney who can help elders with legal advice. Call 978-468-5595 to make an appointment.

Beauport Transportation provides free transportation to medical appointments for Hamilton residents aged 60 and older. It is $3.00 for round-trip transportation for non-medical calls. Call 978-281-6955 to make a reservation (24 hours-notice required).

The Hamilton Housing Authority housing units are located at the Railroad Avenue site as well as at the Harris Avenue and Union Street sites.  We are working on obtaining more sites so the number of housing units can be added to the present total of 40 apartments. Please call 978-468-3981 for more information.


Name Term
Rosemary Kennedy Chair 6/30/2026
Cathy Minnetyan Member 6/30/2027
Penny Wingate Secretary 6/30/2027
Dick Hewett Vice Chair 6/30/2027
Laura Studley Member 6/30/2025
Kelly Roller Member 6/30/2026
Peter Meo Member 6/30/2026


Name Contact
Theresa Woodbury Director 978-626-5240
Tim Morris Outreach Coordinator 978-626-5240