(Scroll gray bar below for full directions) The Building Department has moved. The Offices are now located at 299 Rear Bay Road. In the Red Building attached to the Council of Aging Building. The front door faces the Winthrop School parking lot. (the right side if you are facing the back of the building).


You will be contacted with the fee amount once you complete submitting your on-line permit application. You will be asked to upload any necessary documents once you hit the SUBMT button. The Building Department does have an available computer to use for submitting a permit application in the Red Building, 299 Rear Bay Road, Hamilton MA 01982. If you believe you will need assistance with inputting the application on the computer, please contact the office at 978-626-5250, or preferably, at [email protected]

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Except for good cause found by the Zoning Board of Appeals after due Notice and a Public Hearing, or except as provided by MGL Chapter 40A, Section 9, if a Decision is not recorded with the Southern Essex Registry of Deeds and/or if construction, or use, under a Special Permit is not substantially commenced within two (2) years of the issuance of said Decision. Excluded from any lapse period is the time required to pursue or await the determination of any appeal taken pursuant to MGL, Chapter 40A, Section 17. Building Permits will not be issued without proof that the Decision from the ZBA or Planning Board has been recorded. Even if there is no construction planned, please check with the Building Inspector, [email protected] to find out if a Building Permit is required for the change of use.



Name Contact
Richard Maloney Building Commissioner 978-626-5246 - Call 978-626-5250 for inspections
Mary-Ellen L. Feener Office 978-626-5250
Denis Curran - Call 978-626-5250 for Inspections Wiring Inspector 978-626-5250
Kevin Dash - Call Directly for Inspections Plumbing & Gas Fitting Inspector 978-423-2061