Instructional Handout: Obtaining A Building Permit, What to do after a Public Hearing with the ZBA, what will happen once a Complaint Form is submitted
IMPORTANT: As of December 2018 there is a new application for the installation of a Generator which should be submitted along with the Electrical and/or Gas Permit Application.
IMPORTANT: As of December 2018 the Building Permit Application has been revised. All Building Permit Applications must include a Contract signed by the Owner(s).
For All Building Inspections and Permit Application Review: The Building Commissioner will hold office hours for permit review Monday – Friday from 8 AM – 9 AM and Inspection will be scheduled Monday – Friday from 10 AM – noon.
For All Electrical Inspections: The Electrician must be on site to meet with the Inspector. Inspections are done Monday 3 – 5 PM, Wednesday 10 AM -12 PM, and Friday 3 – 5 PM. Please plan ahead and contact the office to schedule inspections.
For All Plumbing & Gas Fitting Inspections: Inspections are done weekday evenings. Please call the Inspector directly to schedule.
If you are a Licensed Electrician and you are dealing with a property which has an emergency situation and the Hamilton Town Hall is not open, please email the Electrical Inspector directly or contact the Emergency Communications Center: 9-1-1 (Emergency) 978-468-4421 (Non-Emergency)
FOR MORE THAN 49% ALTERATION OR DEMOLITION OF A PROPERTY BUILT PRIOR TO 1940: The Historic Commission may need to review and/or approve the Building Permit Application. 
540,560,563,568,569,577,588,589,595, 598,61,604,605,609,610,613,621,624,625,630,638,648,651,670,684, 690,700 BAY ROAD: The Historic Commission may need to review and/or approve the Building Permit Application
FOR PROPERTIES LOCATED ON A DESIGNATED SCENIC ROAD: (Asbury Street, Bridge Street, Chebacco Road, Cutler Road, Gardner Street, Goodhue Street, Highland Street, Miles River Road, Moulton Street, Sagamore Street, Waldingfield Road, Walnut Road, Winthrop Street) Please contact the Building Department to find out if the proposed work will require approval from the Planning Board.




Name Contact
Brian Leathe Building Inspector 978-626-5246
Robert J. Brown Electrical Inspector 978-626-5250
Kevin Dash Plumbing Inspector 978-423-2061