Get informed about the Town Hall Renovation project before the votes on May 1 and May 6. Take a tour or join in a Zoom info session about the Town Hall Renovation project.

 On March 15, 2021 the Hamilton Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to add the Hamilton Town Hall Renovation Project to the May 1 Town Meeting Warrant and ballot on May 6. Town Hall Building Committee Chair Michael Twomey confirmed that the ask to taxpayers has been reduced to $3.4M, which is $1.2 million (27%) less than the request in 2020. The savings to taxpayers comes primarily from an additional $1M grant approved by the Hamilton Community Preservation Committee (CPC). With taxpayer approval, this project will be ready to break ground this Summer.

The Town Hall Building Committee was created by the Board of Selectmen to assist with developing alternatives for the repair and remodel of the Hamilton Town Hall.  The Committee obtains and discusses the needs of the Community and the Town Manager, examines the estimates of the cost and the necessary time for the repair and remodel of the alternatives and the additional alternatives. The Committee reports regularly to the Board of Selectmen on the progress of the Committee and/or to request assistance. The Committee develops Warrant Article(s) for Town Meeting and Presentation(s) to support their recommendation.
The membership of the  Building Committee shall include seven (7) Volunteers, the Town Manager, or his Designee, and another Town Hall Employee.
Other Committee Liaisons
The following Boards and Committees shall establish a liaison role with the Hamilton Town Hall Building Committee: the Historical Society, the Community Preservation Committee, the Financial and the Advisory Committee (Fin. Com.), the Council on Aging, and the Board of Selectmen.


Name Term
Mike Twomey Chair
Jean-Pierre Minois Member
Jay Butler Member
Rosemary Kennedy Board of Selectmen Liaison
Darcy Dale Board of Selectmen Liaison
Tim Olson Member/Public Works Director
Patrick Reffett Member/Director of Planning and Inspectional Services