Town Hall Building Committee

The Hamilton Town Hall Building Committee was created by the Board of Selectmen to help develop alternatives for the repair and remodeling of Town Hall.   The committee should obtain: community and Town Manager needs for Town Hall; repair and addition alternatives with cost and time estimates; report regularly to the Board of Selectmen on its progress or to obtain assistance; and develop Town Meeting warrant article(s) and presentation to support their recommendation.

Meeting Minutes May 16, 2017

Meeting Minutes May 30, 2017

Meeting Minutes September 07, 2017



The membership of the Committee shall include seven (7) volunteers, the Town Manager or his designee and another Town Hall employee.


Michael Madden, Chairman

Allison Jenkins, Secretary

Jeff Hubbard

Jean-Pierre Minois

Tim Olson

Patrick Reffett

Mike Twomey

Other Committee Liaisons:

The following boards and committees shall establish a liaison role with the Hamilton Town Hall Building Committee: Historical Society; Community Preservation Committee; FinCom; Council on Aging; Selectman.