Title 5 Inspection Reports

NEW: Recent Title 5 Inspection Reports-  REVIEWED & APPROVED


Certificates of Compliance

NEW: Recent Certificates of Compliance


Septic Regulations & Policies

Septic Tanks and DEP Approved Effluent Filter Policy

Acceptable Examples of Light Duty Access Covers & Riser Safety Grates

Open Floor Plan Policy / Room Count and Bedroom Definition

FAQ: Can I Build an Addition on my House? Can I add a Bedroom?

Title 5 Regulations

Title 5 Supplements: Regulations for the Subsurface Disposal of Sewage (REVISED – APRIL 2018)


List of Septic Professionals


Operation and Maintenance Providers for Advance/Alternative Septic Systems and/or Pressure Distribution Systems Licensed in Hamilton

Septic Hauler/Pumpers Licensed in Hamilton

Septic Installers Licensed in Hamilton

Soil Evaluators (Licensed in Mass.)

2021 Title V Inspectors Licensed in Hamilton

Septic Forms

Access Covers – Addendum to Title 5 Inspection Report (REVISED April 2018)

Deed Notice of Alternative Sewage Disposal System

Deed Restriction Bedroom Count – Blank Form

Deed Restriction Bedroom Count – Blank Form (ASBURY GROVE)

Pumping Record Form (REVISED April 2018)


Maps: GIS, Soils, Zone II, etc.

Hamilton GIS Map

NRCS Soils Map (UC Davis)

Soil Survey, Essex County, South (USDA, NRCS)

SoilWeb Apps (UC Davis)



Applications for Septic Professionals

Installer License Application

Operation & Maintenance Provider License Application

Pumper/Hauler Permit Application

Soil Testing Application (“New Construction” soil testing is not allowed from December 15-April 15)

Title 5 Septic System Inspector License Application

Disposal System Construction Permit

(Workers Compensation Insurance Affidavit Form)


Tax Credit, Repair Loan, General Info

DEP’s Septic Information

MA DOR Septic Tax Credit

Septic System Repair Loans