Septic Regulations & Policies

Multicompartment Septic Tanks and DEP Approved Effluent Filter Policy

Open Floor Plan Policy / Room Count and Bedroom Definition

State Environmental Code: Title 5 Regulation

Title 5 Supplements: Regulations for the Subsurface Disposal of Sewage (REVISED – APRIL 2018)

List of Septic Professionals


Operation and Maintenance Providers for Advance/Alternative Septic Systems and/or Pressure Distribution Systems Licensed in Hamilton

Septic Hauler/Pumpers Licensed in Hamilton

Septic Installers Licensed in Hamilton

Soil Evaluators (Licensed in Mass.)

Tilte 5 Inspectors Licensed in Hamilton


Applications for Septic Professionals

Installer License Application

Operation & Maintenance Provider License Application

Pumper/Hauler Permit Application

Soil Testing Application

Title 5 Septic System Inspector License Application


Septic Forms

Access Cover Requirement Form – Addendum to Title 5 Inspection Report (REVISED April 2018)

Deed Notice of Alternative Sewage Disposal System

Deed Restriction Bedroom Count – Blank Form

Deed Restriction Bedroom Count – Blank Form (ASBURY GROVE)

Pumping Record Form (REVISED April 2018)

Workers Compensation Insurance Affidavit Form


Septic Information

Acceptable Examples of Light Duty Access Covers & Riser Safety Grates

DEP’s Septic Information

MA DOR Septic Tax Credit

Septic System Repair Loans

FAQ: Can I Build an Addition on my House? Can I add a bedroom?


Maps: GIS, Soils, Zone II, etc.

Hamilton GIS Map

NRCS Soils Map (UC Davis)

Soil Survey, Essex County, South (USDA, NRCS)

SoilWeb Apps (UC Davis)