Mission Statement

The Board of Health is responsible for the overall stewardship of the public health and environmental protection of the town. Responsibilities are defined both by local by-laws and state law. The Board promotes, enacts, and enforces all health and environmental laws, rules and regulations.

Additionally the Board of Health conducts health clinics, participates in education programs wherever possible and administers the contracts for a food inspection program, a public health nurse, communicable disease follow-up program, and animal inspection services.












Name Term
David B. Smith Chair 2022
Dr, Giselle K. Perez Member 2022
Walter A. Row Member 2018


Name Contact
Leslie Whelan Health Agent 978-468-5579
Nancy Stevens Administrative Assistant 978-468-5579
Christine Lee Public Health Nurse 978-468-5579
Roberta Cody Health Inspector (Food, Camps, Pools) 978-468-5579
Hayes Demeule Animal Inspector 978-468-1212