The purpose of this Commission is to affirm that the Town of Hamilton is an inclusive community that has, as one of its core values, the freedom from discrimination, intolerance, disrespect, bigotry, other forms of micro- or macro-aggressions, hatred and oppression, and to reaffirm the Town’s commitment to upholding and defending the rights of all individuals to enjoy the free and equal exercise of their rights and privileges, as secured by the Constitutions of the United States and Commonwealth of Massachusetts.



HHRC Meetings are currently held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5:00 pm and will be transitioning to in person meetings starting June 16th. We plan to continue facilitating attendance for the public via Zoom and will provide updated links here!

Meeting agendas will be posted to the town calendar 48 business hours in advance of each meeting and all members of the public are encouraged to attend.

Contacting the Hamilton Human Rights Commission:

If you would like to reach out to the HHRC for any reason please do so via the confidential form below.

All sections of this form are optional and we welcome any input from reports of incidents to questions and feedback or sharing of positive experiences in and around town.

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Name Term
Anne Brady Chair, At-Large Member 6/30/2023
Alaina Walsh Vice Chair, At-Large Member 6/30/2024
Nancy Stehfast Clerk, At-Large Member 6/30/2023
Fay Ciaramitaro At-Large Member 6/30/2025
Jared Hughes At-Large Member 6/30/2024
vacant Housing Authority Representative
Maya Beach Student Representative 6/30/2023
Jamie Knudsen Select Board Representative 6/30/2023
Chief Russel Stevens Hamilton Police Chief
Theresa Woodbury Council on Aging Director
Joseph J. Domelowicz, Jr. Town Manager, ex officio (non-voting)