Conservation Commission Office & Administrator: If you need to contact a member of the Conservation Commission or the Conservation Administrator, please contact the Conservation Coordinator at 978-626-5247, ext. 70247, or [email protected]  The Conservation Commission Office is located on the 2nd floor of Town Hall, and is currently staffed on Wednesday & Thursday.


Application for Appointment to a Town of Hamilton Board/Commission⇒

If you need an Application Form please click the Link Above or the RELATED LINKS tab below and you will be lead to the appropriate Mass Department of Environmental Protection web page where you will find the Application Form you need.

Commission Meetings

Alternate Wednesdays each month in Town Hall, with some exceptions. Please check agendas here or call the office for most current information.

Mission Statement

The Hamilton Conservation Commission’s primary task is the administration and enforcement of the state Wetlands Protection Act (Ch. 131 §40) and the Town’s Conservation By-Law, Chapter 17. The Commission also seeks to fulfill its mandate by funding environmental education programs in the regional school system and by organizing and publicizing various conferences and events that seek to protect open space and inform residents of the value of preservation of woodlands and scenic areas as well as trail access and management.



Name Term
Lauren Lynch Chair 6/30/2023
Virginia Cookson Member 6/30/2022
Mary Lester Member 6/30/2022
Chirs Currier Member 6/30/2024
George E. Tarr Representative 6/30/2023
vacant Member 6/30/2023
John Hendrickson Associate Member 6/30/2023


Name Contact
Brian Colleran Conservation Coordinator (978) 626-5247