Follow these instructions on how to view your Real Estate or Personal Property Tax bills online:

  1. On the Town of Hamilton’s website, choose Quicklinks, then choose Pay Bills.
  2. Click on the Real Estate Tax box, then click on the Unipay link.
  3. Once you are at Unipay, choose Real Estate or Personal Property, then enter in your bill number and the fiscal year of the bill.  If you don’t have the bill number click on “search for your bill” to find your bill and choose Continue. 
  4. At the bottom of the page, click on View Bills. Next to the parcel ID “Bills” will pop up – click inside the box.
  5. It will ask if you want to leave this page – click OK. Then your bill will appear!

 Starting with this bill- Unipay will start to accumulate your bill images.  So eventually you will be able to look back at previous bills for up to 18 months!