Treasurer / Collector

About FY 2024 Tax Rate: $15.11 The function of the Treasurer/Collector’s Office is to receive and invest all money belonging to the Town and to pay and account for the same according to the order of the Town or of its authorized officers. The Treasurer/Collector’s Office also pays the bills of the Town’s departments. The Treasurer/Collector … Continued

Select Board

About The Select Board functions as the Chief Executive body of the Town. Its five members are elected to three-year terms with one or two seats up for election each year.  The Board acts as the chief policy making body of the Town and directly supervises the activities of the Town Manager.  The Town Manager … Continued

Steps You Can Take to Reduce Your Exposure

Steps You Can Take to Reduce Your Exposure To Lead and Copper Despite our best efforts mentioned earlier to control water corrosivity and remove lead from the water supply, lead and copper levels in some homes or buildings can be high. To find out whether you need to take action in your own home, have … Continued

Water Department