Pool Update – Week of 7/23/7/27

With the weather forecast being very unpredictable this week, calling for the the possibility of thunderstorms and showers throughout the week, we want to remind everyone of a couple of weather related items.

Our goal is to keep the pool open as much as possible but we will close under the following circumstances.

Heavy Rain
If the rain is heavy enough that our lifeguards are unable to view the bottom of the pool in the deep end, the pool will close until the rain lightens.  As soon as the bottom of the pool is visible to our guards patrons will be allowed back into the pool.  Patrons may remain on the deck during heavy rain periods if they choose to do so.

Thunder and/or Lightning
If thunder or lightning is observed by our guards (even if it is not raining) by law the pool must be closed for a period of 30 minutes.  The 30 minute countdown begins at the first observance of thunder or lightning and will reset on any observance thereafter.  During this closure all patrons must be cleared from the deck area.

If you have questions regarding of the pool is open or closed you can call the pool office at 978-626-5270

2018 Spring/Summer Brochure

The 2018 Spring/Summer Brochure is now available.  Click here to download