Mission Statement

The Hamilton Waste Reduction Committee’s task is to oversee the town’s waste program with the purpose of:

  • Minimizing cost
  • Maximizing recycling and repurposing organic waste
  • Keeping old and new residents informed about the program, and promoting best practices
  • Working with the town’s hauler: Casella
  • Collaborating with nearby towns

Note: We were previously called the Hamilton Recycling Committee. We changed the name in August 2018 to more accurately reflect our mission.


Name Term
Gretel Clark Chair 06/30/2019
Anne Gero 06/30/2019
Jane Roundy 06/30/2019
Heather Ford 06/30/2019
Charlotte Lidrbauch 06/30/2019
Linda Morey 06/30/2019
Tom Rogers 06/30/2019