Autism-Disability Outreach Program

      The Autism-Disability Outreach Program is an initiative of the Hamilton and Wenham Police Department that offers members of our communities to voluntarily and confidentially identify individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or their disability who live, work or attend school in our communities. Our purpose is to promote communication and ensure that consistently high levels of public safety services are available to those who may require special considerations.

This program will include a Community Member Profile form that will be completed by a parent or guardian. This from will provide specific information related to the individual such as a detailed description, a recent photo, emergency contact information, likes/dislikes, communication and de-escalation strategies, and any other pertinent information tailored to that individual. All information is voluntarily shared and will be used by Hamilton and Wenham first responders to better assist those in our communities diagnosed with a disability. The information on the Community Member Profile will be kept in a secure and confidential database that can only be accessed by Hamilton or Wenham first responders.




If I don’t live in Hamilton or Wenham, can I still register my child/dependent adult in this program?

Yes. If you or your child/dependent does not live in Hamilton or Wenham but does visit, work or attend school or community events, you can register them within our department.


Who will have access to my child/dependent’s profile?

Hamilton and Wenham’s first responders who require this information in the performance of their official duties will have access to this information. There are strict regulations with respect to accessing and disseminating confidential information.


How do I sign up?

Click on the below attachment to download/print the Community Member Profile form for your Town or stop by your local department. Once the form is completed, send it back with a recent photograph of your child/dependent by email or by mail to:

Hamilton Police Department                                               Wenham Police Department

C/O Detective Joe Achadinha                                              C/O Detective Chad Labrie

265 Bay Road                                                                     1 Friend Court

Hamilton, MA 01982                                                           Wenham, MA 01984

[email protected]                                              [email protected]


Hamilton Autism-Disability Community Member Profile

Wenham Autism-Disability Community Member Profile