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Reporting Discolored Water

Reporting Despite all of our efforts, sometimes you may experience discolored water at your tap. There are many potential causes of discolored water, including a main breaks, hydrant flushing, or excessive demand. In the event that you experience discolored water or other water quality problems, we ask that you please contact the Water Department at … Continued

Water Department

Water Department

About The Water Department and its personnel provide clean, safe drinking water to the residents and businesses of the Town of Hamilton that meet or exceed all State and Federal standards with the highest level of customer service. Please note: Administrative Offices are closed nights, weekends, and holidays. For emergencies outside normal business hours, please contact … Continued

Department of Public Works

NOTE: The DPW & Water Department remain at Town Hall 577 Bay Rd 2nd Floor Water bill payments must be paid at the Treasurer’s Office located at 650 Asbury Street Mission Statement The staff of the Public Works Department fully supports the Town of Hamilton: “We work together to build a community of the highest … Continued

Lead & Copper

Introduction The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the Hamilton Water Department are concerned about lead and copper in your drinking water. Although most homes have very low levels of lead and copper in their drinking water, some homes in the community have levels above USEPA action levels. The USEPA action level for lead … Continued

Water Department

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities FULL-TIME POLICE OFFICER POSITION Accounts Receivable Specialist – Treasurer/Collector Office – Fulltime/Benefited Regional Shared Services Coordinator/ Towns of Hamilton, Essex, Wenham, and Rockport – Fulltime/Benefited Regional Public Health Nurse/ Towns of Hamilton, Essex, Wenham, and Rockport – Fulltime/Benefited WATER TRUCK DRIVER/LABORER – Full-time/Benefited DPW Truck Driver/Laborer – Full-time/Benefited                                       FULL-TIME POLICE … Continued

Human Resources

Treasurer / Collector

About FY 2024 Tax Rate: $15.11 The function of the Treasurer/Collector’s Office is to receive and invest all money belonging to the Town and to pay and account for the same according to the order of the Town or of its authorized officers. The Treasurer/Collector’s Office also pays the bills of the Town’s departments. The Treasurer/Collector … Continued

Steps You Can Take to Reduce Your Exposure

Steps You Can Take to Reduce Your Exposure To Lead and Copper Despite our best efforts mentioned earlier to control water corrosivity and remove lead from the water supply, lead and copper levels in some homes or buildings can be high. To find out whether you need to take action in your own home, have … Continued

Water Department

Harmful Algal Bloom

Harmful Algal Bloom at Chebacco Lake October 2020 Reports of Harmful Algal Blooms have abated with the cooler weather.  No further testing will occur this year for Cyanobacteria. +++ Monday August 31, 2020 When in Doubt, Stay Out! The MA Department of Public Health will conduct testing for Cyanobacteria toxin at only one location, Centennial Grove … Continued

Board of Health

Board of Health

**** 2/13 BOARD OF HEALTH MEETING RESCHEDULED*** Due to the predicted inclement weather, The February Board of Health meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 27 at 5PM at the COA Building, 299 Bay Rd.   Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Update [updated 1-12-24] The MA Department of Agricultural Resources and its partner agencies have depopulated … Continued

Section VI

SECTION VI : REQUIRED IMPROVEMENTS All streets within a subdivision shall be constructed at least to the requirements set forth unless the Planning Board authorizes a waiver therefrom in a particular instance. A. General Rules 1. All streets, street drains, catch basins, sidewalks, street trees and appurtenances thereto shall be installed without expense to the … Continued

Planning Board

Section IV

SECTION IV : SUBMISSION AND ACTION A. Preliminary Plan: 1. Submission A Preliminary Plan of a subdivision may be submitted by the subdivider to the Board and through the Board to the Board of Health for discussion and tentative approval, modification, or disapproval by the Boards. The submission of such a Preliminary Plan will enable … Continued

Planning Board