Water Distribution System Flushing *REVISED SCHEDULE*

The Hamilton Department of Public Works continues to progress with the hydrant flushing maintenance. As a reminder DPW will be flushing hydrants Monday through Thursday evenings from 8:30p.m. until 1:00 a.m. DPW would like to announce a revised schedule to expedite the system flushing to the extent practicable. The revised schedule is a condensed version … Continued

Water Ban Still In Place as Water Plant Improvements Begin

The Department of Public Works would like to remind Hamilton residents¬†that the current town widewater ban is still in effect. This ban prohibits the use of all outdoor sprinkler systems.¬†Water ban signs are still up at the entrances to town to remind residents about the ban. Water conservation in Hamilton continues to be important as … Continued

Winter Newsletter for the Town of Hamilton

The town of Hamilton newsletter for January 2018. The newsletter includes articles about the Fall Special Town Meeting, water conservation, adopting a fire hydrant after a snowstorm and many pictures from fall activities across town.

Brown Water Caused by High Demand

The discolored water that some residents experienced on Thursday evening was likely due to the town water plant trying to meet higher demand, said Hamilton DPW Director Tim Olson. The higher demand means that the efficiency of the plant filter media decreases, which is what led to the voluntary water restrictions issued earlier this month, … Continued