Indigenous People’s Day 2022

This upcoming Monday, October 10th, is Indigenous People’s Day. Indigenous People’s Day was first proposed to replace Columbus Day in 1977 when indigenous leaders from around the world organized a United Nations conference in Geneva to promote indigenous sovereignty and self-determination. Since then, numerous states, cities, and towns, including Boston, have adopted the holiday. Recognizing … Continued

Drought Affecting Town Water Plant, Water Sources

The ongoing drought is affecting the operation of the town water treatment plant and the water quality at the town’s well sources, announced Hamilton Director of Public Works Tim Olson on Thursday, Sept. 29. Hamilton residents may experience inadvertent times of discoloration in the town water system. If customers experience water discoloration, the Hamilton Water … Continued

Patton Park Restrooms Closed Indefinitely

Ongoing vandalism, piles of trash, and damage to the Patton Park restrooms have led Town Manager Joseph Domelowicz Jr. to order the restrooms closed indefinitely. The DPW and Recreation departments have closed off the restrooms, and Domelowicz ordered portable restrooms. Domelowicz issued the closure order on Wednesday, Sept. 28, after three consecutive days of vandalism. … Continued

Town Hall Renovation Community Survey

On March 15, 2021 the Hamilton Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to add the Hamilton Town Hall Renovation Project to the May 1 Town Meeting Warrant and ballot on May 6. Town Hall Building Committee Chair Michael Twomey confirmed that the ask to taxpayers has been reduced to $3.4M, which is $1.2 million (27%) less … Continued

Vaccination for Homebound Residents

March 22, 2021 Dear Hamilton Residents Please contact the Public Health Nurse at 978-290-9618 today if you or your family members need to have a COVID-19 vaccine completed in their home. The Public Health Nurse would like to know about any homebound needs regardless of what eligibility status the person has. (for example, she wants … Continued