Burn Permits - Fire Department issued Open Burning Permits are now available online! Open burning will be from January 15, 2020, through May 1, 2020, as in year’s past. Each day during the open burning season, permit holders will need to register online on days they want to burn. You can find directions on the town website by going to the Fire Department page in the related link section midway down on the page. For anyone without access to a computer, permits can be processed at the station on a limited basis only.

Heat Wave Prompts Water Ban, Weather Safety Reminders From Town Officials

The sustained heat has prompted some reminders from Hamilton town leaders. DPW Director Tim Olson wants residents to remember that a mandatory water ban is still in effect. It prohibits the use of lawn and garden sprinklers of all types, including the use of drip irrigation hoses and subsurface application devices. Hand watering is permitted … Continued

Water Ban Still In Place as Water Plant Improvements Begin

The Department of Public Works would like to remind Hamilton residents that the current town widewater ban is still in effect. This ban prohibits the use of all outdoor sprinkler systems. Water ban signs are still up at the entrances to town to remind residents about the ban. Water conservation in Hamilton continues to be important as … Continued

Discounted Rain Barrels Now Available to Hamilton Residents

Hamilton residents are again eligible to buy a rain barrel at a discounted price this spring. The program is organized by Hamilton Selectman Shawn Farrell, who said the program is open to residents of Hamilton and Wenham. The barrels come from Great American Rain Barrel Co., a Hyde Park-based food importing company that has been … Continued

Minimize Water Use While Reservoir is Refilled

Town officials are asking Hamilton residents to conserve water as much as possible on Sunday, Sept. 25 while the town reservoir is refilled after a water main break. The water main has been repaired but Hamilton residents are asked not to run their water while the system is refilled and repressurized on Sunday.