About Town Meeting

Town Meeting Hamilton is governed by a unique New England institution, the Town Meeting. It is still considered one of the purest examples of democratic government. All voters present at the Annual Town Meeting act as the legislative body. Town Meeting decides three major things: i It sets the salaries for the elected officials. ii … Continued

Public Records Request

Records Access Officer The following person has been designated as the Records Access Officer for the Town of Hamilton pursuant to the Public Records Law. All Public Records requests should be directed to this person using the contact information provided below. Public Records Requests may be made in-person, via telephone, mail or electronic mail.   … Continued

How to Pay Online

Overview If you would like to pay your Real Estate/Personal Property, Motor Vehicle, and Boat Excise Taxes or Water Bills online, just follow these simple instructions: 1. Have your current bill and checkbook on hand. If you experience problems with your routing number UniPay has provided a tip: Do not use a deposit slip to … Continued

Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Bills

Quarterly Tax Bills Real Estate and personal property bills are issued on a quarterly basis as follows: Important Information Regarding Mailing of RE/PP Bills – FY 2019 In response to our Hamilton taxpayers, the Town has decided to mail Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Bills each quarter, instead of mailing two quarters with one … Continued